Whiskey Stones

Whiskey stones are small, typically cubes of soapstone that can be used to chill your drink without diluting it. Many people believe that using whiskey stones is the best way to enjoy their favorite spirit because it allows them to control the temperature and avoid any unwanted flavors from melting ice. 

Benefits of using whiskey stones:

1) You can control the temperature of your drink: Whiskey stones can be stored in the freezer so that they are always ready to use. This means that you can chill your drink without fear of over-diluting it. Simply add a few stones to your glass and enjoy your drink at the perfect temperature. 
2) You can avoid unwanted flavors: When ice melts, it can change the flavor of your drink. By using whiskey stones, you can avoid this problem and enjoy the true flavor of your spirit. 
3) They look great: In addition to being functional, whiskey stones also look great in a glass. They add a touch of class to any drinking experience. 
4) They are easy to use: Using whiskey stones is very simple - just add them to your glass and enjoy. There is no need for special equipment or techniques. 
5) They are reusable: Whiskey stones can be reused over and over again. Simply wash them after each use and store them in the freezer until you're ready to use them again.

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