Classic Kitchen Cutting Board

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Product Overview

This engraved cutting board makes a remarkable gift for any occasion, give your loved one a gift that would last for years to come, our custom cutting boards are engraved with the latest laser technology providing you with a deep and detailed engraving. We all know that the secret to success in the kitchen starts witch accessibility, this handy cutting board won't let you down.

This design is also available in other different types of wood and sizes (check board types). We offer a huge selection of wood types and sizes to choose from. All of our boards are carefully sanded and treated with a high quality mineral oil to guarantee its durability. We at Chic Makings strive to provide you with a unique shopping experience, that is why we would like to offer you at NO CHARGE a bottle of the highest quality mineral oil to ensure the health and longevity of your cutting board. 

✔ Proudly Made in USA
✔ Deep & Detailed Engraving
✔ Free Mineral Oil Bottle
✔ 100% Handmade


  • Choose your wood type and size from the drop-down menu.
  • Specify and provide information for customization (Double check your work) 
  • Should you need further information, please do not hesitate to send us a message.


  • Our orders ship within 3-5 business days from our shop in New York using UPS OR USPS, shipping usually takes anywhere from 1-4 business days,(In addition to processing time).
  • International orders usually ship within 24 hours using USPS, shipping usually takes anywhere from 6-14 business days, (In addition to processing time) depending on the service you choose.


  • Please take into account that we do not stain our cutting boards, every wood has a distinctive color and density. Some boards may engrave to a small degree lighter or darker than the photo shows.
  • Our cutting boards are engraved on one side permitting the use of the other side for cutting and chopping.
  • Cutting boards that have a juice groove will be engraved on the back, the front side (juice groove) can be used for all cutting necessities.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review