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Charleston Antique Decanter with Two Round Whiskey Glasses

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Product Overview

Bring back a little class to your home with the stunning Antique Globe Decanter Set! 

Our antique globe whiskey decanter set includes two personalized 11 oz. round whiskey glasses for an exclusive and luxurious way to serve your favorite beverage. A fun addition to any home, this beautifully designed globe shaped whiskey dispenser provides a showmanship, while at the same time doubling as a great way to store your spirits. 

 Why get yours?

  • Eye catching design: This exquisite set combines the classic look of an antique globe design with the classic trademark of a ship on water, maintaining both its functionality and novelty appeal. 
  • Serve with confidence: Impress your guests with this finely crafted ship and engraving, which provides a sharp contrast against all styles of décor. Our antique globe whiskey decanter set will impress your guests and give you a classier serving experience.
  • Premium quality: The laser-engraved design adds a touch of elegance that gives it style and sophistication that is sure to make a statement. This rounded-globe decanter captures the tradition of old-fashioned drinking, and has a sturdy base to last a lifetime.
  • Multi-purpose: Immerse yourself in history, while you drink the finest whiskey around. The globe, when empty, serves as an elegant display for other decorative items and makes for a great conversation piece.
  • A great gift: This sailing ship whiskey decanter and stopper set is made from high-quality glass, ensuring it will stay strong and resilient through many years of use. Packaged in a handsome box, this gift will be a sure winner.

The best way to treat your friends is to serve them the very best in drinking wear and accessories. Treat their senses with the finest decanter that has been designed with a one-of-a-kind design. Take a long way home with this stylish glass ship and celebrate the journey!

 With our Antique Globe Decanter Set, we promise that you will never have to face another boring drink night again! Get yours today! 



(No reviews yet) Write a Review