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Burlington Whiskey Bullets Stones Set with 1 Square Bourbon Glass

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Product Overview

Make the perfect drink and enjoy it in style with our Whiskey Bullets Set with Square Whiskey Glass. 

 With our set, you can enhance your overall whiskey drinking experience. These are a must-have so you can get rid of the watery, diluted taste of alcohol that most water-filled shot glasses give you. 

 Why get yours?

  • Premium Quality: This whiskey set is all about quality - from the stunning, hand-crafted gift box to the premium-quality whiskey glasses and chilling bullets. Our whiskey glasses are made from high-quality crystal to create a smooth finish that provides beautiful clarity and shine. The ice bullets are made from top-quality stainless steel, so they last longer than other chilling stones.
  • Vintage Design: Add some serious class to your home bar with this antique-style whiskey set. Transport and store your whiskey bar tool in this ammunition box - and enjoy your scotch anywhere! You get vintage style and modern high-quality standards.
  • All in one: This clever set is a must for any home bar and is complete with stainless steel bullets that keep your drink cold without diluting it. Our Whiskey glasses are made for tasting the full flavor of whisky, bourbon, scotch. While the stainless-steel whiskey bullets were designed to be re-usable again and again without ever affecting your drink's taste.
  • Easy to Use: Whiskey drinkers all over the world agree that frozen ice cubes can be a hassle. Ours is easy to use, just put the bullets in the freezer for a few hours, then pop them into your drink instead of ice cubes.
  • An Ideal Gift: Keep your whiskey cold like ice with our fashion stainless steel whiskey bullets and square whiskey glasses set. It's the perfect gift for any whiskey lover. Great for best man groomsmen, father of the bride, Groom Birthday, Christmas, or any occasion.

Hand-crafted in the spirit of the classic gentleman’s club, the whiskey bullets are made from pure, lead-free stainless steel. These handcrafted premium ice cubes are the perfect preserve for your drink. Whiskey Bullets are designed to keep your drink intoxicatingly cold without diluting the taste like melting ice.

So what are you waiting for? Grab yours now!

Rock Glass Details:

•       Capacity: 11 oz

•       Height: 3 1/4 inches

•       Dishwasher safe: Yes

•       LEAD FREE


(No reviews yet) Write a Review